QSL Cards

On this page I would like to present a small selection of special QSL cards. The cards, which are listed in no particular order, are either particularly beautiful, the station rare or the QSO itself was something very special. I will scan more cards by and by and upload them here.

F4FAP - 2020/05/18 - 40m - HELL

This was not only my very first HELL (ragchew) qso but also the only hand painted QSL card I received so far:

HL4CAF - 2022/05/23 - 15m - SSB

The only Korean station I could work so far in SSB. This card was the inspiration for my own QSL card, I really love the style.

JT5DX - 2022/10/29 - 15m - SSB

If you want to receive a letter from Mongolia, you have to work a JT station - which was not easy.

DP0POL/mm - 2022/09/04 - 20m - SSB

I was able work the Polarstern on 20m in SSB, which was on its way to the research station in antarctica:

DL6AP/mm - 2020/08/29 - SO-50 - FM

This very special QSL card proves my first satellite contact ever. I worked DL6AP/mm via the SO-50 SAT standing in my garden with a handheld arrow yagi and a Radioddity GD77 simplex HT while he was on a cruise ship, also with a handheld arrow yagi.

G7BEH/p - 2022/08/29 - ISS - FM

Worked G7BEH/p via the ISS repeater in FM. Working conditions on my side: Kenwood TM-D700, Diamond X200 on the roof of the house.

4U1UN - 2023/05/29 - 20m - SSB

This one was a lot of work to get into my log but I managed to get through the pile-up: The United Nations Headquarters in New York.