PulseEffects as Equalizer for the QO-100 Linux Transceiver

After migrating from Windows to Linux and with this from SDR Console to the AMSAT-DL QO-100 Linux Transceiver, I had the issue that my transmitted audio was a bit weak in the treble. The solution to this was to install and configure the software equalizer PulseEffects to modify my microphone audio before it gets fed into the SDR application.


On Debian/Ubuntu Linux this application can be easily installed with the following command:

# sudo apt install pulseeffects


After starting PulseEffects, the following steps need to be performed:

Loading this preset can be omitted but it helped me to easily reduce the number of sliders.

Save your own preset by


The following screenshot shows my signal on the waterfall with the equalizer disabled (left side) and how the signal looks like with the above settings applied (right side):