NSE-Script: SQLite output for Nmap

Software Nmap

I wrote this little NSE script that allows you to store the output of Nmap into a SQLite database: https://codeberg.org/mclemens/nmap-sqlite-output

This might come in handy when performing large inventory scans. The SQLite database can be queried and sorted easily or exported as a CSV file. This way you can, for example, easily generate tables for your assessment report.


$ nmap -sS -A -F --script sqlite-output scanme.nmap.org
$ sqlite3 scan.sqlite
sqlite> select * from scandata;
scanme.nmap.org||22|tcp|ssh|open|OpenSSH5.3p1 Debian 3ubuntu7.1
scanme.nmap.org||80|tcp|http|open|Apache httpd2.2.14