Information Security

Threat Intelligence Portals/Feeds

Threat Intelligence Tools

  • IntelMQ - Solution for collecting and processing security feeds, pastebins, tweets using a message queue protocol
  • harpoon - CLI tool for open source and threat intelligence
  • Bearded-Avenger / CIF - CIF allows you to combine known malicious threat information from many sources and use that information for incident response, detection and mitigation.
  • MISP - Self-hosted threat information sharing platform
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools - Very extensive list of tools
  • urlQuery - Gives you a screenshot of a given site along with all HTTP transactions (request and response) and executed JS
  • OSINT Framework

Threat Detection

Data Scraping

  • pystemon - Monitoring tool for PasteBin-alike sites written in Python

Vulnerability Management


Tools - Packet String Data (PSTR)

  • URLsnarf
  • Httpry - HTTP logging and information retrieval tool
  • Justsniffer - a network protocol analyzer that captures network traffic

Incident Response

Incident / Malware Analysis



Malware Analysis

Hardening / Configuration Auditing

SIEM Solutions


Other Stuff

Leaked Password Databases

Password Lists