Interfacing the BX-184 Microphone with the Xiegu X5105

I wanted to use my BX-184 microphone which has a built-in voice keyer with my new Xiegu X5105. It was used with the FT-817 until now and I enjoyed the parrot very much during my POTA activations. I've read that the Xiegu would use the same wiring as the IC-7000 so I followed the instructions of the manual (, page 3, bottom right). The mic itself worked but PTT was not. Analysing the original microphone, I realized that I need to connect MSVSW (Pin 3) with GND (Pin 7). Now PTT, and with this, the parrot is working, too.


This is how my BX-184 is now wired:


The green wire is the additional connection that has to be done in order to get PTT working.

#Ham Radio #Xiegu #mod