Hardrock-50 Remote Display

UPDATE: I moved the client and the server into one repository. It furthermore now supports user actions via a button.

Original post:

I am using my Hardrock-50 as part of a remote station so I am of course not able to monitor its display which shows the selected band, keying method, temperature, SWR, power etc. Since I need/want this information and also prefer a physical display, I made two little projects that can be combined together:


This is a small python script that connects from e.g. a Raspberry Pi to the HR50 via USB. When it is started, it spawns a web server which then provides two API endpoints in your network. Those endpoints can be queried via HTTP requests to:

It is basically a serial to HTTP converter. You can find more information here:


This project consists of a Arduino sketch that can be flashed to a ESP32 module with OLED display and wifi connectivity. It uses the above mentioned API to gather information from the HR50 over wifi and displays them on the OLED.


This is how the device looks like in action:


I plan to add buttons so that e.g. the keying mode can be changed via this device. The projects are only two days old so I will certainly put more love into it. There are several things missing like error handling, comments etc.

You can find more information here:

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