Gemini / Amberterm

Gemini Hugo

For the relaunch of my personal website, I first used the brilliant theme smol. After having customized numerous files of the theme, I have now decided to create my own Hugo theme called “Amberterm”. This is largely based on “smol”, but contains some cosmetic adjustments as well as all layout files in order to be able to generate Gemini files with the help of Hugo. In this way it is now possible for me - without any additional effort - to publish a new post for the WWW version of my website as well as for the Gemini version.

To view the Gemini version of this page, you either need a Gemini client or you use a Gemini http proxy.

The Gemini URL of this page is gemini://

A nice Gemini client is e.g. Kristall. More clients can be found here:

A proxified version of my Gemini capsule can be accessed via a proxy service as follows: