Xiegu G90 Mods

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The following is a compilation of some recommended mods for the Xiegu G90. None of these mods are my idea, I learned about them from the Xiegu G90 group.io group (see below).

Power Cable

The original power cable is too thin and should be replaced with silicone 14AWG cables plus some ferrite beads. Don’t forget to integrate a 5Ah fuse into the cable.

Mine looks like this now:


Microphone Mod

When using the original G90 microphone, your voice might be too bassy. To solve this problem, open the mic and replace the cpacitor C15 with a 10 nanofarad SMD capacitor and C14 with 2,2 nanofarad (both size 0603). source

The following image shows both capacitors (taken from https://xiegug90.groups.io/g/main/message/1219):


Ferrite Beads

In order to prevent radio-frequency interference, all cables should be fitted with ferrite beads:

  • Microphone cable
  • Power cord
  • CAT cable
  • Head unit connection cable

VFO Knob

Not essential but nice: A larger VFO knob. I bought a black aluminium potentiometer knob for 6mm axis with a size of 32x13mm.

The G90 with a larger VFO knob:


Head Unit Stand

I like this 3D printable design over at thingiverse.com for placing the head unit on the table in an ergonomic way.

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