Software Projects

  • TSM Monitor - A PHP application for monitoring IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager
  • TSM Monitor 2 - An enhanced PHP application for monitoring IBM’s Tivoli Storage Manager
  • MSTerminology - Translates strings used in all kind of Microsoft products
  • Nmap-sqlite-output - Nmap NSE script for writing the scan output into a sqlite3 database
  • Adressenmeister - Adressenmeister - my very first “software project” (C64 BASIC)
  • Shellfolio - A command line cryptocurrency portfolio manager and price tracker
  • esm2markdown - A converter for McAfee SIEM rule export files to Markdown documents
  • nsd-dyndns - Dynamic DNS for NSD

Hardware Projects

Amateur Radio

  • vim-fle-syntax - Vim syntax plugin for writing Fast Log Entry compatible log files in Vim
  • FediHams - The FediHams Digital Voice Network
  • colorspot - A colorful command line DX cluster client with LotW integration
  • AllStarLink Node - My build of an AllStarLink node
  • Hardrock-50 Remote Display - ESP32 based remote display for the Hardrock-50 power amplifier
  • qrzlogger - A python application to log QSOs directly to from the command line
  • pyBMNotify - Python script for monitoring the Brandmeister network and sending push notifications
  • - callsign data query script written in Bash
  • The AntennaPi - Raspberry Pi based remote antenna switch
  • Shortened 30m Dipole - Dipole for the 30m band, designed for a 10m long attic

Organizations / Projects I like and support