Ham Radio RSS Feeds

Ham Radio RSS
I have compiled an OPML file which contains a large number of ham radio related RSS feeds. At the moment there are two categories: Fediverse Hams: Web sites of ham radio operators that are active in the Fediverse Ham Radio: Everything else (news sites, personal blogs etc.) You can download the latest version here: https://codeberg.org/mclemens/Ham-Radio-RSS-Feeds/raw/branch/main/hamradio.opml The git repository can be found here: https://codeberg.org/mclemens/Ham-Radio-RSS-Feeds Please help me with this with additions and corrections by sending PRs, opening issues or contacting me directly. Read more...

Activation of DA-0013 Stromberg-Heuchelberg Nature Park

Ham Radio POTA
Yesterday I had a very successful activation of POTA park “DA-0013 Stromberg-Heuchelberg Nature Park”. I found a nice spot but had to fight with strong winds so I wasn’t able to work on 20m for a longer time since my antenna was flexing a lot. Most of the total 51 contacts were made on 10m followed by 12m. Working conditions: Xiegu X5105 PAC-12 vertical telescopic antenna MX-P50M amplifier with 40W output Worked entities: Read more...

ChatGPT on FT8 and its impact on the amateur radio hobby

Ham Radio FT8
I thought it would be fun to let one controversial technology have an opinion about the other controversial technology so I asked ChatGPT about the advantages and disadvantages of the digital mode. I think that both answers are very interesting: Q: Please explain why FT8 is a good thing for the hobby of amateur radio A: “FT8 is a popular digital mode used in the hobby of amateur radio. Here are a few reasons why FT8 can be considered a good thing for the hobby: Read more...

Offline/Mobile logging to QRZ.com with CloudLogOffline

Ham Radio Logging
Do you ever wanted to log QSOs offline with an Android/iOS/Desktop app and then upload them to the QRZ logbook? Now you can. Since I am not capable of developing such an app and there is already a really good app with CloudlogOffline, I have developed CloudlogOffline2QRZ. It is a simple Python application that pretends to be a Cloudlog instance. It offers a similar API to Cloudlog and forwards all transmitted QSOs to the QRZ. Read more...

Wall Mount for CX600 Coaxial Relays

Ham Radio 3D Printing
I’ve designed a simple snap-on wall mount for CX600 coxial relays: You can download the design on Thingiverse.

Installing Cloudlog on OpenBSD

Ham Radio Logging
This page will guide you through the steps required to install Cloudlog onto an OpenBSD web server that is using the OHMP stack (that’s OpenBSD, httpd, MariaDB and PHP). Most of the text has been taken from the page Installation on a FreeBSD Server and adapted to OpenBSD. You can find this guide also in the Cloudlog wiki. Prerequisites Operating System: OpenBSD (tested on OpenBSD 7.2) Web server: httpd Database: MariaDB PHP 8. Read more...

Cheap and simple fully automatic antenna switching

Ham Radio Antenna 3D Printing
Preconditions The HF part of my amateur radio station mostly consists of the following: Transceivers: ICOM IC-7300 and a Zachtek WSPR Desktop Transmitter Antennas: Cobweb antenna for 6 to 20m, Hustler 4-BTV for 40m Antenna switches: One coax relay in the shack (shack antenna switch) for selecting which transceiver is connected to the antenna, one remote antenna switch close to the antenna (remote antenna switch) for selecting which antenna will be connected to the coax relay in the shack Goals of this project A solution should be found that achieves the following: Read more...

MX-P50M Protection Covers

Ham Radio amplifier 3D Printing
I’ve made two simple 3D printable protection covers for the MX-P50M ham radio amplifier to protect the switch and other external parts from being damaged or from damaging other gear when being carried in a backpack. You can download them here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5776047

PowerPole Lid for the Miady 7.2Ah LiFePO4 Battery

Ham Radio battery mod 3D Printing
In search of a compact, lightweight and affordable battery that has enough capacity for hours of portable ham radio operations, I came across the infamous Miady 12,8V 7,2Ah LiFePO4 battery which comes with an integrated battery management system (BMS) and can be bought for less than 40 EUR. After some initial testing I decided that this battery fits my needs but I was not happy with the idea of having cables soldered to the battery hanging loosely around. Read more...

How long can I POTA with 6200mAh?

Ham Radio battery POTA
I’ve recently built two battery packs, one with eight 26650 cells (14.V, 6200mAh, originally 3300mAh/cell) and one with 24 26650 cells (14.4V, 12500mAh, originally 2400mAh/cell). You can read more about them here: DK1MI.radio: Battery Pack Building. Please note that the battery cells are at least 5 years old. Setup To find out how long the smaller pack with 6200mAh would last during portable operations such as POTA activations, I’ve set up the following experiment: Read more...
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